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Welcome to the 2016 Women in BUILD Awards

The building and construction markets are traditionally male dominated, but in recent years women have come to the fore, working hard to prove their worth and showcase their enviable talent in designing, building and consulting.

Therefore, we have created the 2016 Women in BUILD Awards in order to reward and recognise the contribution of those women who work tirelessly to ensure that the built environment meets society‚Äôs needs.

As with all of our awards, this program is based entirely on merit. Once voting closes we will set our dedicated research team to work, leaving no stone unturned in order to ensure that every one of our winners can rest assured that their win is truly deserved.

In order to make this a true representation of the very best women in the construction and property sector, we need your votes. Please fill out the form below to nominate either yourself or another deserving woman in the construction market. 

Voting is Now Closed. Keep up to date with the winners by following us below.

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