Innovative Lawn Mower Shed Ideas for Your Backyard

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Besides buying your lawn mower at the right time, using your outdoor space effectively to store lawn maintenance equipment is essential. That’s why you need lawn mower shed ideas. A lawn mower shed is more than just a storage space. It’s a means to prolong the life of your valuable lawn-mowing equipment by protecting it from the elements and potential theft. Whether you own a simple push mower or a robust riding mower, having a storage space ensures it remains in prime condition, ready for use whenever needed. Here, we’ll explore various lawn mower storage ideas tailored to meet different needs and preferences. These storage ideas are a surefire way to ensure your lawn mower and other gardening tools are well-organized.

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Factors that Determine Your Lawn Mower Storage

Whether you are just winterizing your mower or saving it after use, these factors will help you pick the best storage.

Type of Lawn Mower – Push Mower vs. Riding Mower

  • Push Mower Requirements: Evaluating the smaller footprint and storage needs for push mowers.
  • Riding Mower Considerations: Understanding the larger space requirements for storing a riding mower.

Calculating Required Floor Space

  • Space for the Mower: Determining how much floor space your lawn mower model needs.
  • Additional Storage Needs: Additional space for other lawn care tools and equipment.

Storage for Additional Tools and Equipment

  • Shelving and Organizational Needs: Planning to store gardening tools, fertilizers, and fuel cans.
  • Designing for Efficiency: Ensuring easy access and organization within the shed.

Accessibility and Usage Frequency

  • Regular Use Accessibility: Design considerations for frequent access, like oversized doors or ramps.
  • Infrequent Use Solutions: Options for less accessible, more compact storage if the lawn mower is seldom used.

Future-Proofing Your Shed

  • Anticipating Equipment Upgrades: Choosing a shed that accommodates a larger mower or more tools in the future.
  • Adaptable Design Choices: Select a shed that can evolve with your changing lawn care needs.

Top Ideas For Lawn Mower Storage

DIY Rustic Wood Shed

  • Ideal for Lawn Mowers: A DIY rustic wood shed is a perfect storage solution for lawnmowers, especially riding mowers that require more space.
  • Design and Construction: Crafted using standard lengths of timber, this mower shed is insulated and can be finished with a dark wood stain for a vintage look. Its 10′ x 16′ dimension provides ample room for lawnmowers, gardening, and other outdoor tools.
  • Functional Features: Equipped with a steel roof and large double doors, this shed offers easy access. Its wooden floor is supported by concrete footers, eliminating the need for foundation digging. A simple ramp can be added to facilitate the movement of riding mowers into the shed.

Electric Garage Lift

  • Space-Efficient Storage System: An electric garage lift is an ingenious storage solution, utilizing a garage’s often underused ceiling space. It’s ideal for storing lawnmowers without sacrificing floor space.
  • Mechanism: This storage system features a wooden platform that moves up and down along wall-mounted tracks, operated by a trolley wheel system and an electric hoist. The hoist lifts significant weights, making it suitable even for spacious walk-behind lawnmowers.
  • Versatility: Beyond lawnmowers, this lift stores other heavy equipment like snow blowers, enhancing its utility as a multi-purpose storage unit.

Lean-To Carport

  • Maximizing Existing Space: The lean-to carport uses an existing exterior wall, like a garage, to create a covered lawnmower storage area. It’s perfect for riding mowers.
  • Easy Construction: This structure can be built with basic materials like store-bought timber, roof sheeting, and tarps. The carport is anchored securely to the ground using steel post anchors, making it a sturdy and reliable storage shed.
  • Practical Design: The roof trusses support a corrugated steel roof, and a tarp is a door. This design provides easy access while offering protection from the elements, making it an efficient garden shed for lawnmowers and tool storage.

Over-Car Trolley Table

  • Innovative Use of Garage Space: An over-car trolley table is a smart solution for those with limited garage space. It utilizes the space above a car’s hood, providing a storage area for push mowers and garden tools without occupying additional floor space.
  • Construction and Mobility: Constructed from timber and plywood, this table sits on castor wheels with brakes, making it easily movable. It can safely store a lawn mower on top and serve as a workbench or even an outdoor catering table.
  • Flexibility: This versatile piece of garage furniture is ideal for small spaces. You may customize it to fit various storage needs, providing organized space for lawnmowers and other tools.

Manual Lift Platform

  • Ceiling Hoist System: The manual lift platform utilizes a ceiling hoist mechanism, making it an ideal space-saving solution in a garage where floor space is at a premium.
  • Design and Accessibility: It features a simple timber platform operated by a traditional rope and pulley setup. This system lets you lift a push mower off the ground, creating an organized space without clutter.
  • Utility and Safety: The manual lift is a practical way to store lawnmowers. And it ensures easy access while keeping the mower safe from damage or accidents in the garage.

Pallet Goat Shed

  • Eco-Friendly and Versatile Shed: Constructed from recycled pallets, this shed offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution for storing lawnmowers. It’s a versatile design that fits comfortably in your backyard, doubling as storage for other yard tools.
  • Weather-Resistant Features: Designed to withstand harsh weather, the shed may have a corrugated roof with burlap, tarp, or PVC sheeting. This prevents wet wood and protects the mower and other tools from strong winds and rain.
  • Simple Construction: You can construct this shed against a house wall or as a standalone unit in the yard. That way, you’ll provide a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to your outdoor space.

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Three-Wall Mower Shed on Trolley Wheels

  • Mobility and Flexibility: A three-walled mower shed mounted on trolley wheels allows easy mobility. This design makes the shed easily accessible. You can move it against a wall or into a more convenient backyard spot.
  • Adaptability: Originally designed for motorcycles, this shed houses lawnmowers, providing a weather-resistant cover and organized storage space.
  • Customization Options: The shed can be customized with various materials for the roof, such as asphalt shingles or weatherproofed wood, to ensure maximum protection for your mower.

Tarp Cover

  • Simple and Effective Protection: A tarp cover offers a straightforward and affordable solution to protect your lawn mower from the elements. It’s beneficial in areas prone to harsh weather.
  • DIY Adaptability: The tarp can be customized with grommets for a snug fit, ensuring it stays in place even in strong winds. This makes it a flexible option for different mower sizes and types.
  • Ease of Use: The tarp cover can be quickly thrown over the mower, making it an easily accessible option when swiftly storing it. It’s ideal for those who need a quick cover solution in their yard or garden.

Small Yard Tent

  • Compact Garden Storage Solution: A small yard tent is ideal for those with limited garden space. It can easily park a push mower and other gardening tools, making it an excellent spot for quick and easy storing.
  • Weather Protection: This tent comes from durable materials and can protect your mower from various weather conditions, ensuring its longevity.
  • Ease of Assembly: With no need for tools or complex assembly, you can set up this tent quickly, offering a convenient and efficient way to store your lawn mower in any corner of your garden or yard.

Wall Hooks for Electric Mowers

  • Space-Saving in Garage or Shed: Wall hooks are an excellent way to store electric mowers, especially in tight spaces like a small garage or shed. They utilize vertical space effectively, freeing up the floor for other items.
  • Weight Considerations: Ensure the hooks are sturdy enough to bear the mower’s weight. You can safely hang electric mowers because they are lightweight.
  • Accessibility: This storage idea provides easy access to the mower, making it handy for frequent use. It’s a simple yet effective way to keep your mower stored off the ground and out of the way.

Lawn Mower Cover

  • Essential for Outdoor Storage: A lawn mower cover protects your mower when stored outside. Whether on a deck, in a garden corner, or beside a shed, the cover shields the mower from harsh weather.
  • Variety of Sizes and Materials: Covers come in various sizes to fit different mower types and are made from materials that offer protection against rain, sun, and dust.
  • Convenience: Easy to use, you can drape a mower cover over the mower, providing immediate protection without worrying about building or installing a storage unit.

Resin Shed

  • Durable and Aesthetic Storage Solution: Resin sheds are great for lawnmowers and gardening tools. They offer the aesthetic appeal of wood with the durability of plastic, fitting seamlessly into most garden settings.
  • Features for Convenience: These sheds often feature lockable doors for security, ample room inside for various sizes of mowers, and sometimes shelves or a shelf system for additional storage.
  • Maintenance-Free: Unlike wood or metal sheds, resin sheds require minimal maintenance. They are weather-resistant, ensuring that your mower and other tools are safe from the elements.
  • Installation: You can place Resin sheds on various surfaces, including grass, deck, or concrete, and usually have a sturdy floor to support the weight of the mower and fuel cans. Some models may offer an optional ramp for easier access.

Final Words

Finding the proper storage solution for your lawn mower is crucial for its protection and longevity. Whether utilizing innovative options like a small yard tent or wall hooks for electric mowers, each solution offers unique benefits to suit various needs and spaces.

From maximizing limited garden areas to ensuring easy and organized access in a garage, these storage ideas cater to multiple preferences and scenarios. Selecting the appropriate storage method safeguards your mower from the elements and contributes to maintaining an organized and efficient outdoor space. Remember, the key is to choose a solution that keeps your mower safe and easily accessible. Also, focus on one that integrates well with your home’s lifestyle and aesthetics.

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