Eco-Friendly and Green School Buildings

An increasing number of K-12 schools in America are welcoming eco-friendly building designs. Studies have shown that eco-friendly spaces are more conducive to learning environments, and schools will spend less on operating costs when it comes to green buildings. One way of establishing an eco-friendly space is getting seeds for school gardens. Districts nationwide are building numerous facilities in concordance with sustainable principles. What do schools gain from this?
The Essence of Eco-friendly Buildings
Constructing green …

Commercial Water Filtration Systems and Their Benefits

Commercial water filtration systems are great for filtering and purifying water for all types of commercial uses. Since commercial water filtration systems use filters, knowing what to consider when choosing a water filter is important. A filtration system is an efficient way of reducing the risk of contaminants affecting your business’s operation.
Here are some commercial water filtration systems and their benefits
Industrial Water Filtration System
This form of commercial water filtration system is used by …

Lendlease to Use Vegetable Oil in Its U.K. Construction Projects

Lendlease, an Australia-based contractor, commits to stop using liquid fossil fuels on its United Kingdom construction spots. It launched a new initiative known as the Alternative Fuels Policy.
It seeks to replace gas with liquid, petrol, and diesel with vegetable oil to power pieces of machinery. The new policy is effective immediately for its latest and existing projects until Jan. 1, 2022.
This scheme is indeed an essential milestone to the company’s goal of total zero-carbon. Presently, the contractor uses about 400,000 liters or 106,000 gallons of diesel every year in the U.K. Completely removing the fuel will cut …

Online Map Showcases Energy-efficient Careers in the Construction Sector

Employment opportunities that promote energy efficiency are among the fastest-growing in the nation. As time goes by, it becomes more important to combat climate change since space and power conditioning for infrastructures accounts for 40% of all energy usage in the entire United States of America.
Fortunately, the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) created the Green Buildings Career Map to help showcase careers related to energy efficiency. It is a highly interactive tool …

Contractors Urged to Work With Owners in Reducing Building Emissions

The Associated General Contractors of America or AGC noted that while construction activities are only 1% to 2% of artificial greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, the buildings consume nearly 40% of the country’s energy. Thus, the buildings are associated with almost 31% of emissions, as reported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
AGC thinks that looking for ways to make the construction business more efficient will significantly impact domestic greenhouse …