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Facilities Management companies are the hidden heroes across most industries from construction to waste management and hospitality to pest control. They keep worldwide businesses running smoothly and effectively, and they can often be overlooked when it comes to recognition for a job well done.

The Facilities Management Awards 2017 are prestigious awards run by Build Magazine, and now in their 2nd year, following on from the success of last year’s awards. Our awards are dedicated to recognising those hidden heroes within the Facilities Management role for their excellence and dedication to their profession.

The awards cover all aspects of Facilities Management Services from the larger companies to the individual consultant; from construction to transport; and engineering to health and safety, plus much more. Every sector within the industry has a chance to win this sought-after award.

As with all our award programmes, each of our winners are judged based on merit and merit alone. To ensure that these awards are a true representation of the very best in the world of facilities management, we need your votes!

To make your voice heard, please fill in the voting form below and cast your vote.

Facilities Management Awards 2017

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